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About Good Vibes Coffee Roasters

In the summer of 2010, founders Howard Stanten and Erin Wright took their passion for coffee and community, and their then coffee house manager Christian Ganem, to the next level and opened a coffee roasting company to serve local coffee house The Metropolitan Coffee House in North Conway, NH. To which Christian was named roastmaster. Soon after selling their thriving establishment with the end goal of passing the good vibes onto Christian one day. That day came January 1st, 2015.

Christian's love for New Hampshire, and the Mount Washington Valley, grew over his childhood summers spent in Tamworth with his grandparents. Two of the most influential people in his life. Exposing him to the arts, sciences, world culture and community. A sense of hard work and steadfastness coming from his late father. Who knew that this amalgamation of traits would translate to a successful career in the coffee industry? An industry that, to him, personifies all the best of what defines us as human.

We work directly with green coffee importers to find cream of the crop coffees from around the world we're sure you'll love. Trained in the art and science of coffee roasting by world-renowned coffee expert, Mane Alves, at Coffee Lab International & School of Coffee in Vermont, we roast our coffees in a state of the art Deidrich coffee roaster. The result is simple: Great Tasting Coffee.

Diligent in the study of our craft and meticulous in the attention we pay to every batch of coffee we roast, we're confident you'll love our coffee. However, if you leave your experience with us unsatisfied, we'll happily and humbly refund your purchase.

When we get your order, we'll roast your coffee and heat-seal it in an airtight valve bag right away. Packaging your coffee the way we do uses the CO2 given off by freshly roasted coffee to push any trapped oxygen (the enemy of coffee freshness) out the valve. The valve is designed to let the CO2 and oxygen out of the bag and keep it out. If you want more details about our coffee or coffee roasting process, we love to talk coffee, so drop us a line.

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" It was love at first sip with Good Vibes. At Laney & Lu Cafe, we hear from our guests often that we serve the best coffee and espresso drinks on the Seacoast and we think so too! Good Vibes beans are amazingly fresh and the quality is consistent. Best of all, Christian's customer service is tremendous. His "vibes" are a perfect compliment to our cafe's mission and culture."

Laney & Lu Cafe in Exeter, NH

" We're proud to serve Good Vibes Coffee at our cafe. Truly. We tried coffee from a dozen different roasters. As soon as we started to smell GV's even just brewing we knew we were going to love it. We are obsessed with it. Each and every time a new customer tries it for the first time we get the same response. People are shocked to actually love a cup of coffee this much. They always turn before going out the door just to tell us what we already know "this is the best coffee I've ever had!"

Frobie's Cafe in Dracut, MA

" Good Vibes has a great partnership with The Local Grocer in North Conway and as the General Manager, I am constantly getting emails from our customers asking how they can get their hands on Good Vibes coffee before they go home. They are so helpful; willing to come in whenever anything is broken or needing attention on our espresso machine. They've even put our label on some of their great organic roasts. Can't say enough great things about this company."

The Local Grocer in North Conway, NH