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What it means to be "Certified Organic"

Good Vibes is proud to be one of the very few Certified Organic coffee roasters in the State of New Hampshire. We maintain our Organic Certification each year by passing a rigorous inspection from the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets, and Food. It is illegal to knowingly sell or mislabel as organic a product that was not produced and handled in accordance with the regulations set forth by the National Organic Program final rule implemented in 2002.

Organic coffee is farmed without the use of artificial pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers. Rather than degrading the soil, organic practices serve to improve and maintain soil fertility through composting and other natural methods. Therefore, the long-term health of the environment is preserved. Organic coffee farms also reduce their workers' exposure to synthetic chemicals and decrease environmental pollution from coffee processing wastewater.

If buying organic is important to you, Good Vibes offers you a great tasting selection available for purchase through our online store.

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Proud to be a "Certified Organic" coffee roaster!!