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Monday, June 13, 2016

Welcome to our new website!

We here at GV are excited share with you the launch of our new, and improved, website! We have finally, fully entered the digital age in bringing to you a new responsive site that's compatible with all web devices.

While most area businesses anticipate the busy season brought about by school vacation. Good Vibes has been in full summer swing for several weeks now. We have at least 5 new wholesale accounts in the pipeline with new inquiries almost daily. The newest of which being The Sunrise Shack in Glen, NH. Not only a favorite of locals and beyond, but of GV owner Christian's as well.

Things really began to take off for us around this time last year. Six months into Christian taking over ownership from his former employers, and later partners, and are currently experiencing a 50% YTD increase in production over last year's 60% increase over 2014. Truly astonishing numbers. We are literally living the American dream! That sales growth will soon lead us toward physical growth with us taking over the space adjacent to us. We have begun to expand into equipment acquisition and repair. Equipment repair and maintenance is a free service for all GV partners. hope to be looking at purchasing an additional roaster in the not so distant future. While we continue to grow, and expand, our list of partners. We'll never forget all the wonderful businesses that have gotten us here. Most of whom have become nothing short of family. Check out our current list of partners.

As if our world didn't rock enough. Three of the GV crew started a band together. "The Good Vibes band." Move over to the band page for upcoming gigs. Or email us if you'd like to book. We play a wide range of music that's sure to have something everyone can enjoy and cut a rug to.

Rafe and Christian's musical journey together began nearly 10 years ago at the Met Coffee House in North Conway, NH. Which Christian supervised, then managed, for many years. Where he also started and hosted his first open mic, and where Christian would cut his teeth on the drum kit. Which quickly became a beloved creative outlet, and night spot, for area youth. Rafe being one of them. In later years Rafe, James, and Christian would come to sit in at several local open mics, and both James and Rafe would eventually come to work at GV. The owner of Fryburg House of Pizza and Top of the Ninth Bar and Grill was so blown away by their performance, and the crowd's reaction, one night he asked if they'd like to start a band. Giving the Good Vibes band their first of many gigs.

And the rest, as they say, is history ...

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