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Coffee Preparation Hints

Varying coffee/water ration and grind (coarse to fine), significantly influences the taste of the coffee. Experiment for exceptional taste. Store your coffee in an airtight container. If you buy more that a week's supply, freeze but defrost before grinding. Do not refrigerate your coffee.

To maximize freshness, buy roasted to order whole-bean coffee and grind just before brewing. Use 2 tbs. of freshly ground coffee for every 6 to 8 oz of filtered cold water you use in your drip coffee maker. Here's an irony: Bitter coffee is often the result of actually using too little coffee with too much water resulting in over extraction.

Tips for fanatics like us: Burr grinders are best, try a medium grind for drip and coarse grind for French press. Use a slighter finer grind for manual pour over methods and a slighter coarser grind for gold toned filters. If using a blade grinder, grind in short 2-3 second bursts for about 20 seconds for a medium grind.

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